Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher | Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower | 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

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Sharpex Push Manual Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher | Classic Push Reel Lawn Mower | 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

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Manual Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher Manual Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher

Better Cut, Better Lawn

A Manual Grass Mower is an efficient cutter in which the blades spin vertically and use a scissoring action to cut the blades of grass. After all, your physical action moves a manual mower across the lawn and also powers the blades. A lawn mower is a perfect machine utilizing revolving blades to cut a grass surface to an even height. The height of the cut grass may be fixed by this design of the mower, but generally is adjustable by the operator. Instead of splitting and chopping your grass, a manual mower cuts your grass just like a pair of scissors.The Sharpex Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher is the perfect addition to our garden accessories. This will help you to maintain and clean the garden area. It assists to cut the excess growth of the grass; it is light weight, easy to operate with no maintenance. It is perfect for the small as well as big lawns.

Mower & Catcher Includes

1-Piece Lawn Mower with Grass CatcherBladeGrass BoxCollector Tray


Product Weight: 12.8 KgBlade Size: 16 inch

Mower & Catcher Includes

Handy and Comfortable

Mess free mowing

No gas - No hassle

Easy operation

Detachable grass box

Blade size – 16 inch

Light weight , Easy Maintenance

Efficient Sharp Razor BladesEfficient Sharp Razor Blades

Efficient Sharp Razor Blades

The rolling blades snip the grass, cutting each blade like a pair of scissors which leave your lawn healthier and much greener. Push grass mowers are simple machines to add ample of force to push it and blades spin around and cut your grass. Mower blades are made of abrasion-resistant, high-carbon, nickel-alloy steel which has stiffness to be particularly resistant to bear and break. The manual lawn mower has the razor-sharp blades that cleanly and swiftly trims and level up your lawn. It provides quality cutting of grass without any clutter as connected with the grass catcher. These blades perform very well cutting actions and keep your lawn highly well-organized every time.

Durable Construction & WorkingDurable Construction & Working

Durable Construction & Working

This manual grass mover and catcher has simple but sturdy construction with the perfect combination of durable wheels with metal gear rim inside, Detachable grass collector and the well-built handles that makes gardening easier with comfort. The lawn mower gives the best gardening solution and well reserved experience. This typical physical mower has a spinning blade that chops off the top of the grass as it rotates like a helicopter, resulting in torn and shredded turf and it leaves your lawn looking professionally manicured. Pushing a mower is a healthy solution for you and your lawn. It always performs well, and it doesn’t leave any trimmed residue behind.

Easy Maintenance & StorageEasy Maintenance & Storage

Easy Maintenance & Storage

Your lawn mower is an ideal gardening tool, so it’s worth taking the time to maintain it. Regular look over will improve your lawn mowers performance and extend its life. One of most important ways in which a mower can be kept organized is by storing them in a proper place. Machinery of this kind must be stored in an area that protects them from the changing weather conditions. Protecting lawn machinery from the cold winters as well as humidity and downpour will certainly help to keep it functioning properly. With just a few easy steps, you can ensure hassle-free gardening and perfectly get rid of messy and unwanted lawn grows with this amazing and handy grass mover and catcher.

EASY TO USE: 10" front wheels and 2" rear rollers makes it easy to maneuver across your lawn, Eco-friendly alternative to manual lawn mowers; no oil, low maintenance, easy assembly
EASY ERGONOMICS: Comfort grip handle makes the Manual lawn mower easy to maneuver | 2-in-1 feature provides mulching and rear bag capabilities
CONSTRUCTION & WORKING: The Perfect Combination of Durable Wheels, Detachable Grass Collector and the Well-Built Handles That Makes Gardening Easier With Comfort.
For a well-kept and well-trimmed lawn it is the only easy solution. Made from High Quality and Durable material, also include Detachable Grass Box.


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