FUJIAKA Port FU-P-768 Portable Agricultural Power Sprayer, Comes with 50 metre High Pressure Hose- (Black and Red)

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FUJIAKA Port FU-P-768 Portable Agricultural Power Sprayer, Comes with 50 metre High Pressure Hose- (Black and Red)

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Fujiaka PORT FU P-768 portable power sprayer is your ideal machine for spraying large volumes of professional quality chemicals intended for farming operations. If you do not prefer a backpack sprayer of more than 16 litre capacity then this sprayer should solve your problem since you will not be required to carry around anything except the hose pipe and the nozzle for spraying. Since this sprayer comes with 50 metre long hose you will also be able to reach long distances for while spraying. you can also use this sprayer for mango garden / factory shed cleaning / car washing. Finally, the PORT FU-P-768 sprayer is available with an efficient Two-Stroke Kawasaki engine (with Overhead Crankshaft.) which can run for upto 1.5 hours with just 1 Litre of Petrol. The sprayer is equipped with Korean designed carburetor and has a transistor controlled ignition system.

portable power sprayerportable power sprayer

The Machine

This portable power sprayer runs on a 2-Stroke Kawasaki Petrol Engine generating power of upto 2HP and standard output of 0.75 kW at 8500 RPM. Engine type: 34CC with metal easy starter. Output: 8-9 Ltr/Min, Pressure: 0-30kg/Cm Square



Step 1: In 1 Litre of petrol mix 25ml of 2T oil and as indicated in the picture, press the balloon valve 8-10 times so that the petrol is suctioned into the carburetor.


Step 2: Fit the overflow pipe hose (Top) and the water intake pipe (Below) as indicated in the picture. On the other end, fit the output hose pipe.


Step 3: Hold the starter as indicated and gently pull the starter rope at at 60 degree angle a few times to start the engine. Initially, you can keep the "choke" lever to "close" position. Repeat "Step-1" if engine refuses to start. Keep the throttle in a medium position.


Step 4: Increase the throttle as desired and turn the handle on the nozzle clockwise/anti-clockwise to start or stop spraying.





Transistor controlled ignition system with Easy Recoil Starter
Max Power is 0.75 kW at 8500 RPM. Maz Pressure upto 380 PSI
Can run for upto 1 hour with 1 Litre of Petrol
Has continuous auto agitation system and comes with 50 metre 8mm hhigh pressure hose / delivery pipe


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