ACHRO 915 Universal Tool Kit Set for Home/Garage/Car/Bike/Industry (Set of 15 pcs Tool kit) Contains 6 Pcs Screwdriver Set + 8 inch Combination Plier Set + 8 Pcs Double Ended Spanner Set

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ACHRO 915 Universal Tool Kit Set for Home/Garage/Car/Bike/Industry (Set of 15 pcs Tool kit) Contains 6 Pcs Screwdriver Set + 8 inch Combination Plier Set + 8 Pcs Double Ended Spanner Set

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Buy ACHRO 915 Universal Tool Kit Online at Amazon India. When it is your house in question, it is inevitable that you will need to tend to some repair work from time to time. And asking for an external help is both costly and difficult at times. Stay prepared for such situations. Bring home a universal tool kit and fix all kinds of minor repair work. The ACHRO 915 universal tool kit is the ideal choice for you. You can use this multipurpose tool kit for household maintenance and for outdoor activities. Whether it is your car or the plumbing work at home, maintain it yourself with the help of the ACHRO 915 universal tool kit.

Can be used for Loosening and tightening small screws of spectacles, cameras, Watches, Mobile phones, Computers and other electrical and electronics appliances. These screwdrivers comes in a handy plastic box which has sections made inside it to keep your screwdrivers in place. This box helps you keep your screwdrivers clean and carry them along anywhere you go.

Uses: Combination Pliers are designed for a multitude of applications including cutting, twisting and gripping. The Angled head allows you to get into smaller areas and the hardened cutting edge allows for longer plier life.

ACHRO Spanner Set Is Heaviest In Its Class Weighing 600 Grams With Sturdy Construction And Can Be Used For Any Heavy Jobs Giving Longest Life At The Cheapest Price. Recognized And Trusted Throughout India.
ACHRO Spanner Set Are Made From High Grade Chrome Vanadium Steel. Vanadium Gives Strength To Steel And Chrome Increases Resistance To Rusting. They Are Used In Industries Garages And Homes. ACHRO Spanners Being Pioneers In Spanner Industry You Can Go With It.

(PROFESSIONAL QUALITY SPANNNERS): HEAVIEST in its class (INDUSTRIAL GRADE) weighing about 550 GMS and longest in size (Which is more than other top brands). Chrome Vanadium Steel, Polished & Heat Treated, with 4 layers of anti-rust process rust prevention plating ?Long handle? - Made extra long in length to follow international norms than most of brands which offers extended reach and increases torque; steel construction with chrome plated finish - resists rust and corrosion.
(ANTI-SLIP OPEN ENDED JAWS): Maintains grip and one has to give a slight rotational pressure for work. Both the end are perfectly designed and angled at optimum accessibility. Ideal for repairs around the house or in the garage.?Spanners size?: 6X7, 8X9, 10X11, 12X13, 14X15, 16X17, 18X19, 20X22.
Available in Wide Variety of Tip Sizes and Lengths: The blades of the ACHRO Screwdriver Set are differently hardened and tempered to resist wear, bending and meet high torque requirement. They are magnetised to lift small screws from confined spaces or to hold screws in position. Due to the hardness on the tip, the ACHRO screwdrivers are wear resistant.
Insulated Pliers use drop forged from tested CHROME-VANADIUM steel with high strengh and flexibility. Anti-rust protected. Induction hardened knives and laser heat-treated cutting edges lasts longer. Special insulated material with anti-burn and high-low temperature resistance. Working permission range from -40degree to 70degree. Smooth and quick working. Unique handle tempering helps absorb the "snap" when cutting wire.Hot riveted joint ensures smooth action and no handle wobble.


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